can't boot from lan

I’m not very familiar with linux, just studying. I was trying to create boot image on my pc with opensuse to boot into it from my laptop.
I downloaded 1-click packages of kiwi, ltsp etc. First, I checked if I had all needed packages - kiwi-ltsp-setup -p. I installed everything manually, after that this check gives me no errors. Then I ran kiwi-ltsp-setup -c. Everything seems to be OK, but when I try to boot from laptop - I see boot menu, select to boot kiwi-ltsp and then get message “failed to load network module!”.
I gave up and tried to make fat client - my laptop has better proccssor than server anyway.
I downloaded opensuse 11.1 i586 dvd, mounted into /mnt/11.1 typed in console kiwi-ltsp-setup -fat. It completes without any errors and I get file example.img ~185mb en /srv/kla. After that I try kiwi-ltsp-setup -c and I get foolowing error - Starting kiwi-ltsp with AoE (kla) failed.
I have changed kiwi-ltsp config file, but still no success.
Thanks in advance

treid kiwi-ltsp-setup -s
fat failed anyway, but network module was able to load this time. Error was filesystem is unknown, unable to mount root.
Probably, this is because boot image is opensuse 11.1 and filesystem is ext4.

I’ve mounted ext4 as ext3. Now it determes fs - it says it is squashfs but anyway failed to mount it.

eee900 - failed to mount root filesystem.
hp nx7300 - failed to find server(after showing splash and starting to load)

Ok, I found what I missed. easy-kiwi-desc-netfat - this one was not installed. I installed it, changed build type to netfat, built image(took something around 2 hours) and still no luck - Starting kiwi-ltsp with AoE (kla) failed. Boot failed too.