cant boot from dvd

for some reason i cant boot from openSUSE burned dvds.

i have set my bios, and these are the same dvds i used for my windows installations and other things (sony dvd+r). i set it to disk at once and burned at the lowest speed.

my desktop can read it and boot from it just fine but my laptop cant. i have the same problem with fedora.

am i burning it wrong? i really would like to use openSUSE, as i am getting tired of windows and bored of ubuntu.

thanks for your help.

If it did burn… try and auto-play the disk or open it up in exploder… erm explorer… You can install it while booted into windows… new feature I thinks. It’s like upgrading to vista… but to a better OS… :wink:

It could be a media issue. Some laptop drives are fussy what disks they can read. I have a drive that doesn’t like rewritable dvds. Try a high end dvd disk.
If all else fails, try doing a net install using the network install cd (link on opensuse d/load page).

when i try to explore the dvd in vista, its says it is corrupt.

the thing is i have used these same sony dvds before for vista, xp, etc and my drive is reading those just not the openSUSE one. (and fedora)

could it be the burn process?

Stupid question, but are you just copying the file to dvd or are you burning it as an iso?
Since you mention you have been using ubuntu, try and burn it using brasero in ubuntu.
Generally used kde for burning, but brasero should give you the iso checksum. Check if this is correct against th checksum on the d/load page.

burning it as an iso lol

i was running ubuntu on my laptop but only my desktop has a burner and im running xp on that. what could i use to check the checksum on xp? the thing is though my desktop reads the dvd just fine so im guessing the checksum is correct

Looks like the drive in your laptop has gone bonkers. I had, and still have the same problem with my laptop. Drive was replaced, problem gone. Now, only 6 months after replacement, warranty gone by now, I have the same problem with the replaced one. It simply does not boot bootable DVD’s. It strangly enough to my luck does boot CD’s, so if I install I use a CD of net-install-CD.
Do you still have the XP CD? If so, try if the laptop boots that. Since your desktop PC is booting from the media, the media should be OK.

i have xp on a dvd, the same type of dvd that i burned openSUSE to and the xp dvd is being read and booted from just fine.

OK, do a checksum on the iso file. There’s a thread here showing how to do it with windows. Make sure it matches the one on the suse dload site.

but my desktop is booting from the openSUSE dvd just fine, so isnt the checksum correct?

Sorry, I thought it also had a problem.
Try installing to a usb stick. Look at:
SuSE install from USB drive - openSUSE
Installing SuSE on External USB Drive - openSUSE
If your notebook won’t boot from usb, get the install/boot cd image and do a hard drive install from the usb. (I think there’s also an iso install option so you could just copy the iso directly.)
Make sure you load the usb kernel modules when you boot.

Personally, I would just go for the network install from the net install cd.

AFAICS the options you have are:
-try a live CD, you can install from them as well. Even if the drive does not boot DVD’s it might still boot CD’s.

  • try a NET-install-CD, same reason, but not realy for beginners.
    -try an USB install, from a bootable USB medium, there’s loads of HOWTO’s on that matter.

Most resellers over here these days have multi-drives for laptops in stock. Replacing the drive would be the real solution.

but i dont understand how my drive reads and boots my million other dvds just fine :frowning: