Can't boot from DVD nor USB

Boot from DVD stacks at first step with the screen: SOLINUX 4.4 0x524******* Copyright (1994-2011) Peter Anvir at al

I installed image with unetbiitin on external storage. First bootable 24GB FAT partition. After choosing Unetbootin menu option it always bring back to choose menu again.
I installed External USB is

I am using openSUSE-13.1-DVD-x86_64.iso
According to md5dum Image is downloaded correctly.
I can use burnt DVD in Virtualbox.

AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ : 1000.00MHz

ASUSTeK Computer INC.

Do not use unetbiitin follow instruction from

I don’t see option to choose /dev/sdc1 only sdc
I have partitioned external HD and don’t want to luse all data.

Found suitable USB and Installed wiith imageinstaller. Didn’t worked. The same issue.

Why not trying dd? I found that when everything else fails, dd to usb works perfectly.

Gogalthorp pointed you to a link. In that page there is nowhere the word “imageinstaller”. And to me the paragraph “Write ISO to USB” is clear enough.

Sorry I confused name - Image Writer (not image installer).

The outcome is the same.
I guess problem is out of the question which method was used to wright the image because as I mentioned DVD also doesn’t work.

I used OpenSuse before without issue, so the problem is with this version.
I’ll wait another one to try.

Use dd. It works.

dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX

where sdX is the usb stick. In my case, it’d be sdb. No need for sdb1.

As “this version” is installed by many since it was released, I doubt it is the version.

How did Imagewrier not work???

Did not run? ran but you could not load iso? ran wrote image to device but the device still would not boot? device booted and the installer failed??

Really need more info to help we can not look over your shoulder.

The same way as I mentioned in first post boot stops at first step with screen: SOLINUX 4.4 0x524******* Copyright (1994-2011)

The same with DVD.