Can't boot after kernel update

I updated to 4.4.132-51 default kernel on my 64-bit system. It will no longer boot. The process tries to wait on 8 startup items over and over. It is impossible to read everything on the low-resolution boot screen, but I get messages like:

Sleeping function called from an invalid context in_atomic() irqs_disabled()
BUG: scheduling while atomic: systemd-udevd/220/....
BUG: Workqueue leaked lock or atomic: kworker/6: 
    last function:bpf_done_on_this_cpu

It boots properly using the previous kernel.

When I check for updates, I am not seeing that kernel update.

Perhaps you got it from a different repo. Or maybe the update was removed because it is causing problems.

In any case, booting from the previous kernel is the appropriate workaround. You can try uninstalling the problem kernel. Use Yast software management, search for “kernel” and click the “Versions” tab to find the one you wish to remove.


So apparently that update is blocked for now.