Can't boot after installing proprietary Nvidia drivers

Fixed. I got help from IRC and I guess blacklisting the Nouveau driver solved this issue.

gogalthorp wrote:

> A 780 should not be a legacy card It should handle a GO4 driver but also
> a GO3 driver should work. Any card prior to 610 may be considered
> legacy. Also NVIDA’s numbering is funky most old cards use 4 numbers all
> the newer ones use 3. Go figure
> Don’t get too caught up on latest and greatest use the driver that works

I’ve got a 630 card that is flaky with the leaf 42 beta1 whereas it has been
solid thru 13.2 and had no issues with the ms1-2 drops. Can’t say how it
works with the rc1 drop - UEFI boot of the dvd hangs solid when I try to
install it. Leaf 42 is most definitely a WORK IN PROGRESS pretty much all

Will Honea