Can't boot a guest OS in XEN without installation disk

Hopefully someone here can answer this question I have about XEN, sorry I usually use KVM but the version in the repos is to old to run Windows 7. I installed the windows guest yesterday and set a couple of things up, but today when I tried to boot it the VM got as far as the BIOS and crashed. After trying 8 times with no luck I sat down and thought about what has changed that could effect the VM, that is when it hit me the installation disk is not in my DVD drive. I quickly throw that in my drive hit the “Run” button and it boots! My question is why is this required, I know in KVM and even in VirtualBox once you install the OS you don’t need the disk anymore?

Side question: Anyone know why XEN can’t take a screenshot when a Windows OS is BSODing? I was able to crash it twice yesterday and no one will believe me without a screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but almost anybody would believe you that you had a BSOD in any Windows OS.
(Sorry, could not resist, ban me for religious fanatism).

Maybe so in most cases but not the people I know who believe that 7 has no problems what so ever