Cant access Windows drives anymore


I’ve just noticed my Windows C and D drive are no longer mounting properly. They show up under “Windows” folder in root, but no data is showing in the folders. I checked the partioner in Yast and both drives’ mountpoint is set properly, and dual booting works fine.

Any help please?

Kde 4.04 Opensuse 11.0


what happens if you mount them manually with the mount command?


I get this message when trying to mount in konsole;

mount: can’t open /etc/mtab for writing: Stale NFS file handle

Also the most annoying thing is that recently plugged in devices menu, defaults to /home when opening with dolphin. Nothing seems to mount!!!

Help please.


Stale NFS file handle… Are you trying to mount those partition remotely?
That error message generally occurs when a file or directory has been removed or replaced on the server. Often rebooting the client helps to clear Stale NFS file handles.

But here you did not mention anything about remote access… whats the exact configuration of your machine(s)?


I just read up about the error message and yes basically I shouldn’t be getting that on my standalone box. Its really weird but I went into yast, clicked NFS client and there is no server settings at all. When I clicked finish, dolphin was working as usual and I could access my mounted cdrom and windows drives (after changing mount points in partitioner).

Really strange.


yes definitively strange…
Well i’m glad that now it works, should you have any further problem just get back :slight_smile: