can't access virtual consoles

Hi All,

I’ve just installed my opensuse 11.1 on top of a Dell Precision T7400 and it seems to work just fine, but I’ve noticed that I can’t access the virtual consoles (ctrl-alt-fx) nor can I get to the test console by typing init 3 from a destop console, well actually I can but the monitor just goes to sleep, as if it where in standby.

If I try this from the gui I can get back by using ctrl-alt-f7, but if I had typed init 3 from a console there is no way to get back except by rebooting the pc.

I think the issue is that it is having problems reaing the resolution in text mode.

I’m not using the nvidia drivers, just what comes with opensuse 11.1 and I don’t have the destop effects activated.
The graphics card is an Nvidia QUadro FX 1700 and the monitor is a dell 2007wfp
resolutionis 1280 x 1024 16.7 m colours

any ideas on how to get the virtual consoles to work?