can't access outside network, but can resolve hostnames

Odd issue… I can ping internally, but can’t ping outside network. can’t access websites. Names are resolving properly. Firewall is off. no proxy. can connect to remote site through ptp vpn. just can’t get on internet. Issue is just this machine, other servers on network can access internet.

Any ideas?

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ip route

A, IMHO good, procedure:

You check from bottom to top:

  1. Is the NIC up with an IP address?
ip addr
  1. Can you connect to another system on your LAN?
ping -c1 <IP-address of your router>

(I hope you know that address)

  1. Do you have a default route to the Internet?
ip route
  1. Can you connect to a system on the internet?
ping -c1


ping -c1 2001:67c:2178:8::161
  1. Can you resolve host/domain names?
ping -c1

Take care. As soon a one step fails, that must be resolved first. It is useless to go to the next step before it is resolved.

So start with 1. and do not hesitate to post the output here to get help on the interpretation.

I understand from your dewscription that steps 1 and 2 are OK. so Start with 3.

You also mention that you’re using a VPN. Are you connecting to a corporate network? That may happen if all external traffic is routed via the VPN tunnel.

This only shows IPv4 routes. As one of the next steps is to test IPv6 connectivity you need “ip -6 route” in addition.

Thanks, I will add that to the skeleton.

same issue here,

thanks for the replies. External requests do not route over vpn. sysconfig files all look correct as does the ifroute-eth0

ip addr is UP with IP of eth0

ip route
default via dev eth0 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src

also did an ip route get via dev eth0 src uid 0

You can try tracepath, for example “tracepath”?

If that gives only “no reply” you internet connection is somehow not working.

What is at least remarkable is that you say you have a VPN connection you the “ip route” output does not show that.