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i have a canon ip2600 printer, i am now running suse 11.0 using the more stable kde 3.5 for now but i am impressed with the 4.0 changes. i need to know how to get this new printer working, i did locate a linux driver at canon asia but the rpm’s wont load for some reason and in the linux printers database it says the ip2600 works perfectly with manafacturers drivers
anyone with suggestions is appriciated.

how are you installing the rpm

normally in a terminal, cd to where the rpm is and go su, then type:

rpm -ihv package name

have you tried using yast - the printer is not listed??

or check this
CUPS - Explained - openSUSE Forums

Canon now seem to be developing drivers for linux: an Ubuntu forum discussed drivers for the ip2600: [kubuntu] Canon iP2600…anyone? - Ubuntu Forums]( Canon supply a .deb file for debian/ubuntu

and the reference for the Canon rpm for Suse is IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.90 for Linux (rpm Package for iP2600series)

a common theme to installing these drivers seems to be two files downloaded; and installed in a certain order: with the brother laser printer, it is an lpr file and then a cups file:

a post on the Ubuntu forum says

You need two files,
IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.90 for Linux (debian Common package) (the filename is cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.deb)
IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.90 for Linux (debian Package for iP2600 series) (the filename is cnijfilter-ip2600series_2.90-1_i386.deb)

I downloaded both files and saved them to the desktop.

Somewhere someone gave a step-by-step (again I forgot who, thanks anyway). He mentioned that the printer should be on and then the common package should be installed first (double click in the icon and the installer, gdebi, begins)

Then do the same for the ip2600 file.

Then you can go to System -> Administration -> Printing and add your printer.

Sorry for so much detail, it is probably more than the original poster needed. I am new to participating in forums and this may have been better placed elsewhere.

So I guess one would download cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.rpm and then cnijfilter-ip2600series_2.90-1_i386.rpm

the post on the Ubuntu forum talked of excellent installation instructions on the Canon site: I can’t find them but someone else may well find them

In addition to the two .deb files (the drivers) mentioned by “naildeca” above at this site (the drivers appear when you select the Injet, Pixma, iP2680 printer, Downloads), are the VERY USEFUL Linux install instructions (Ubuntu included) listed if you then select “Manuals”:

“IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.90 for Linux (Operation guide [Explanation of the iP2600series operation (html file)]”

With this wonderful documentation the installation went a bit easier… since there is one install step one must take before installing the .debs.

Noteworthy in these instructions, CANON recommends the following command at the Terminal before installing the .debs, to ready the system to “receive” them. I found this necessary and fundamental:

sudo aa-complain cupsd

Final Notes:
The install instructions include a step called “Register the Printer to the Spooler.” A sample command is shown, so this is easy to do. However, part of the command needs two things that are peculiar to your computer after you install the .debs.
Printer name and the URI may be easily found at System, Administration, Printing … and your iP2600 PPD can be found using “locate *.ppd” at the command line.

If it helps, mine was located in /usr/share/ppd/canonip2600.ppd, and after the Registration command, in /etc/cups/ppd/canonip2600.ppd

In going over the canon site, Canon

I now see there are two separate rpms that are available and need to be downloaded; cnijfilter-common-2.90-1.i386.rpm is listed at the bottom of the page; but seemingly should be installed first and cnijfilter-ip2600series-2.90-1.i386.rpm is listed higher up:
it seems one should install common first, and then ip2600 after;

did you get both packages, TKS1125?

so TKS1125 I suspect the way to install the iP2600 is:

  1. download cnijfilter-common_2.90-1_i386.rpm
    then as caf4926 says:

normally in a terminal, cd to where the rpm is and go su, then type: rpm -ihv package name

  1. download cnijfilter-ip2600series-2.90-1.i386.rpm
    again, # rpm -ivh cnijfilter-ip2600series-2.90-1.i386.rpm

hopefully, that will work;

if you successfully installed only cnijfilter-ip2600series-2.90-1.i386.rpm, I suspect you need to uninstall it with the command

rpm -e cnijfilter-ip2600series-2.90-1.i386.rpm

as it seems the common file needs to be installed first; having uninstalled the 2600 file, start at step 1) above;

this is only my interpretation of the Canon site: others may well choose to differ

OK, just to say thanks for all the help!
the first thing is to download the drivers listed above in the previous post. once done download with kget to your home folder. then install using yast and that is it run a test page and nothing else is needed. this printer is awsome under suse 11.0 and i did not have to run in terminal at all.

Hi everyone! I jumped into this thread to look for solutions as well. It didn’t work for my first attempt so I need to redo things. Good grief things went out well. Thank you for the advice. :wink:

Samsung Technology

How about getting this to work in 11.4? I have a client who needs this to work. As I’m not familiar, I can only guide through on certain things.

How about getting this to work in 11.4? I have a client who needs this to work. As I’m not familiar, I can only guide through on certain things.

Hi Shadowwolf7

It’s probably a good idea to start a new thread describing your printer model, than tacking on to this old thread. I’m sure we can help :slight_smile:

There should be a new thread on this somewhere. I instructed the client on how to use the forums and to make a post.

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