Canon Pixma iP1880 (no color)

It’s weird because it did not even print different shades of gray (for the colors), as though I set it to print to black-and-white, when clearly I did not.

Anyone know the solution here?


Yeap…in your browser type http://localhost:631/

this brings CUPS up …there you should find your printer and the settings

…or, Assuming you use KDE under Utilities=> printing…again cups opens in your browser

cheers from OZ

This did not help because the color option is on by default. I think there could be something wrong with the driver. I did updated the kernel and Gnome 3.20.2 from their respective repos a few times. Now I’m using kernel 2.6.36-rc7-27-desktop and Gnome is still 3.20.2 but updated.

Maybe I should reinstall the Canon driver.

Maybe I should reinstall the Canon driver. 

Good idea.