Canon pixma conflict with opensuse

I recently bought a canon pixma mx459 and have tried to install through yast>hardware>printers! however no drivers were found.

ive looked around in several threads but it seems everyone else’s printer had available drivers; when I searched for drivers on the canon site it stated there were no drivers, although I might not need any.

this is for 13.1, a 32 bit system. Is there anyway to get around there not being any drivers for this model, or do I need to take this model back?

thanks, best.

I can tell you Canon are poorly supported.

If someone were recommending you for use in Linux systems, they would likely suggest HP or Epson

Yea, this is what I’m coming to realize. Wishing I had not thrown out the box.

But you could try this

Open This: http://localhost:631

At the welcome screen, click on Add New Printer, type the name, location and description of your Canon PIXMA MX459 and then click Continue

If you require a user and password it’s
your root password

from the device drop down menu, choose the correct driver and then choose the model of your Canon PIXMA MX459 from the drop down menu and click Add Printer.

Somewhere along those lines, just see how it looks

A quick search around confirms no Canon driver for Linux (as of yet), however that is not to say that a driver for a similar model would not work.

There does appear to be a gutenprint driver available though

although it will probably entail upgrading the gutenprint package. By default, openSUSE has gutenprint-5.2.9 installed, and you’ll need 5.2.10 (which includes the necessary driver). It’s available from the Printing repo. Go here to get that

Select ‘Show other versions’ and then ‘Show unstable packages’ to see all available packages. You can simply install the required package, or use the ‘1-Click Install’ to add the repo and install the necessary…

Once that’s done, you should be able to configure and select the required printer model. I usually use the CUPS web interface for that, (but feel free to use YaST if you prefer)


Hope that helps.

Ah, there you go - you have a choice of using the proprietary driver (following the Canon link provided by Sauerland), or using the opensource driver.

On the Canon-Asia Side are both, the Scanner and Printer Driver.

For Debian-Systems (ubuntu, Mint…) or Redhad Systems (openSUSE, Fedora …) or as Source for all Unix-Systems.

And also the Manuals for the Drivers.