Canon MP140 Printer Driver

Does anyone know where I can get the complete Driver Download for the Canon MP140 from, as the Linux rpm archive on the Canon website has the rpm for the printer driver, but the common driver is a .deb, so I can’t complete the instructions that Canon provide to Install the Driver?

perhaps you detail each step you did; to help us understand more the issues you face;

if I go here

IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.80 for Linux(rpm Package for MP140series)

to the Canon Asia website, (as Canon was initially an Asian company);

I get cnijfilter-mp140series-2.80-1.i386.rpm (so it is an .rpm package and not a .tar.gz file)

I would install in a terminal by issuing the su command; then password and then issuing the command

rpm Uvh cnijfilter-mp140series-2.80-1.i386.rpm

and I would have thought the above package would contain the common and specific driver packages as rpm format; I can’t easily open the above rpm package to see what is within it …

Yes, I had a quick look at the rpm driver package from here


The way the various drivers for different models seems to be a little inconsistent. A little trawling led me to

Printer Driver for Linux (rpm)

where you can download a tarball, containing the required cnijfilter-common-2.80-1.i386.rpm (along with other rpms that can be discarded for your purposes).

Hope this helps.