Canon MP-170 multi function printer on openSUSE 11.0

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to get my Caonon MP-170 printer working on openSUSE 11.0
I managed to get it working on Fedora 8 with the MP-160 driver but neither the gutenprint driver that came with Suse nor the MP-160 driver work at all.:frowning:

Anyone have a idea on how to get it to work?

Canon are increasingly providing drivers for linux, for their equipment;

if you go to this site, Canon

it lists drivers (inc, linux) for your printer;

you need to install the lpr FIRST;

then the common package;

and then install the ScanGear package for the scanner;

they are rpms; if you have used Fedora you are happy with handling rpms?

let us know how you get along:

a good source on information on printing is openprinting

OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation

and reflecting the user feedback, there are four separate entries on your MFP;

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon PIXMA MP160 - Canon Drivers

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon PIXMA .printer.mp160

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon PIXMA MP160printer

OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon Pixma MP160

if you can get your printer running, you could help by trying to amalgamate these entries!!

Canon make drivers for some Pixma MFPs;

their canon asia site has drivers for the MP160;

but curiously none for the MP170;

the brother website recommends making a symbolic link before installing their drivers;

te:# ln -s /etc/init.d/cups /etc/init.d/lpd