Canon MP 160 not working

I would like to get a Canon MP 160 printer to work on opensuse 11.1, KDE 4.3. Disabling automatic configuration didn’t work. It autodetects the printer, but can’t find any drivers.

I can manualy select the MP 170, but still no drivers.

It only has to do very basic plain text printing jobs.

If you are using the 64 bit edition then read this:

Help with Printer - openSUSE Forums****

there are drivers on canon website Canon Australia - PIXMA MP160

Thx, I found the scangearmp-mp160-1.00-1.i386.rpm and cnijfilter-mp160-2.70-1.i386.rpm but when trying to install via Yast, both report missing dependencies.

While running the Ubuntu 8.4.2 Live-cd I can add the MP 170 manualy and it works. How to do this in opensuse.

Follow the instructions on OpenPrinting database - Printer: Canon mp160
If you still have a problem after installing, look at post 5 of Help with Printer - openSUSE Forums
To install via yast:
go to yast>hardware>printers

Sorry, but I will have to pass for now. It’s as if I’m running around in circles.

Yast seems like trying te be too helpfull, limiting my choice of just picking any printer of any brand at all.

Do this to install them getting dependencies automatically :

sudo apt-get install scangearmp-mp160-1.00-1.i386.rpm
sudo apt-get install cnijfilter-mp160-2.70-1.i386.rpm

on the folder where those 2 rpms are saved

Install the printer definition file cnijfilter-mp160-2.70-1.i386.rpm. (I see there are 2 files on the canon site, try both)
If you are getting dependency problems installing with both files, try as root from a command line:
rpm -ivf canon…rpm
Now go to yast and choose your printer by manufacturer (Canon) and model.
If it asks for a printer file, choose the one for your printer. (If you have 64 bit, follow the instructions to put the ppd file in the correct place.)

I think you are not doing it right, you first need to install a driver called common and then the filter
Look in for drivers

After installing some more packages I only need the libxml driver but than I get a warning;

“This version is deprecated. If you want to use libxml for your own project, use version 2 of this library (package libxml2). .”, which is allready installed

What to think of it?

you first need to isntall “rpm Common” packages and then the other ones. if yast shows missing dependencies install them first. search for them without the “lib” prefix. if yast doesnt find anything search on
i also had missing dependencies installing these drivers but i easely managed to install them

Ahh. Just when I was letting it be, a final go and ther it is. Up and running. I guess I installed te many files but who cares.

Tnx everybody.

Thanks for bringing this up, I’m also having problems with this, good thing there are lots of people who gave their opinions.

you are welcome :slight_smile: