Canon MG2520 print/scanner

Using LEAP 42.1, and the SANE software, I’m able to get the Canon PIXMA MG2520 to print, but it will not scan to file. The drivers provided in SANE seem to be experimental, so this feed-back will help in improvement. Please let me know if more information is needed.

I assume a USB-connected device?

What do these report (with device connected and turned on)?

scanimage -L

Using the backend and USB bus and device ID info reported, you can run scanimage like this…

scanimage -d pixma:libusb:xxx:yyy > /tmp/image.pnm

Refer to this reference…

FWIW, the graphics repo contains 1.0.25 (in case that provides the support required)
so that might be worth a shot too.

BTW, if the pixma backend dies not play nicely with your scanner, you could consider using the proprietary scanner package instead. This comes with its own scanner utility called scangearmp.

How about you go here and get the Linux drivers and software? You are not just wanting the driver, but the ScanGear as well.

I already suggested the proprietary driver package (the scangearmp utility comes with it). However, I still think it’s worth pursuing the open SANE pixma backend first.

Yeah, I saw that. We cross-posted.:slight_smile:

Hmmm. Looking again, I see a huge time difference, so I guess cross-posting is out. Somehow, did not see your additional post when I was looking at the thread.