Canon iP4600 Printer and quality issues...

I have been debating for some time about going back to Linux. Well, I made the decision, and with great pressure from friends and colleagues, I chose OpenSUSE Gnome x64. I love it so far! Feels great, speed, stability, all wonderful! However, I am having an issue that has plagued me for some time while using any distribution of Linux, printing. I have a Canon iP4600 printer and I love it, powered on, plugged in, OpenSUSE took over. I clicked to ‘add a printer’ and everything installed fine. This was a smooth process as well, though, when printing a test page, the text is horrible and unreadable. It’s printing as if out of ink, which of course it is not. I can post a picture of the result if that helps, but I have had this issue before and am hoping that it’s fixable and that I don’t have to ditch Linux or the printer just to be able to print. What gives?


‘Test Page’ - Is that just from the Printer setup?
Or did you open a document and try it?

I’m guessing you selected the open source gutenprint drivers for this printer. Canon have proprietary drivers available for this model as well (which may work better for you):

PIXMA iP4600

Download the RPM tarball, and extract the RPM packages contained within


Then install the 32-bit RPMs (they should work okay even if using 64-bit OS)

Now you can use the CUPS web interface (or YaST if preferred) to configure manually.

Thanks!! Will give this a shot and post back!!