Canon Canoscan 9000F MK2 and pixma driver

I’m trying to scan some slides (and possibly later some 35mm negative film) using a Canoscan 9000F MK2 Scanner which uses the pixma driver.

The options that I want are in Xsane but I want to do the scanning as part of a script using scanimage. Xsane will allow me to choose between “color” which comes out too dark, “slide”, and various types of negative as well as having brightness/contrast options. They are not listed in scanimage -L or -A for this driver and I can’t come up with anything that works.

I thought Xsane just sent things through to sane but maybe I’m wrong?

Anyway, I guess I could resolve the immediate colour problems by adding another ImageMagic command to the scripts (when I get round to them) but I’m not sure how I’d do them for negatives and feel that there may be an easier way I’m missing.

Any ideas?

I would start with reading

man scanimage

I note there are options to specify brightness and gamma etc. Some experimentation will be needed.