Cann't log in to KDE

Excuse me if this is obvious but I’m a complete newcomer to linux.

Have install Open SUSE 11, I believe correctly no obvious problems but after installation when trying to login to KDE 4 with either my user name or root and the correct password the screen changes to an SUSE spalsh with the progress bar which reaches approximately 50% across then reverts back to the login screen.
I have tried rebooting to the failsafe which appears to work OK.

What do I need to change to login in normally?

Did you try logging in to another desktop (xfce, KDE3.5 or anything available)? Or logging in as a different user? Or logging in as … ehm … root? It may be something as simple as your /home full or maybe your root partition full.

Under sessions
I have the options IceWM TWM and Failsafe which take me somewhere with my login
Default, Custom and KDE4 all return me to the login page as described.
Under menu
I have console login which takes me to the command prompt where password seems to work OK
and switch user which does not (only one option here)

Loggin on as user or root at the Grub failsafe login works

My home partrition is free with approx 5GB and the root partition has 2.5GB of 5 free

Many thanks

This is probably not what you want to hear . . . you could try digging out the problem, which especially if your new to this could take a good while. The better (and faster) bet would be to reinstall using KDE 3.5 and then add KDE 4.1 from a repository; you then have both 3.5 and 4.1. KDE 4.0 as an option with 11.0, lacks a lot and was not very stable (and this is very likely the source of your problem) - even with 4.1 it’s not unlikely there may be 3.5 applications not yet ported to 4.x that you may want. You could also install from the 11.1 Beta 4 DVD; it is essentially the same as installing 4.0 on 11.0 and upgrading KDE to 4.1, but you have 11.1 of openSUSE that way.