Cannot use network manager after a hard reset.

I upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3 and works great except two problems.

  1. it was installed on Thinkpad W500, and its sleep mode doesn’t work, the computer cannot wake up from sleep mode.

  2. After a hard reset due to stuck at sleep mode, the KDE network manager couldn’t find any network interface anymore, even I tired to disable and enable "user Controlled with NetworkManager in Network Settings, still same problem. it always say “network management disabled” regardless the network manager checkbox status in Network Settings. On the other hand, Traditional Method with ifup can detect the my wireless and ethernet ports and work under ifup method.

so does anyone has idea about

  1. how to configure the sleep mode for laptop?
  2. how to bring back the network manager again? (I have “user controlled with network manager” checked in network settings.

thanks in advance!


This is what happens for me too. If I restart the machine, I get no network (no wired, no wireless). I have to manually restart network.

Yes same problem with my HP DV6…

Well… for me i have the same problem. I just want to say a very big huge thanks to Chrysantine from (or for the following tip: delete from /var/lib/NetworkManager file NetworkManager.state and then try reenabling NetworkManager. It works for me at first try.

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