Cannot update user information with usermod on NIS server

I have setup a NIS server on a master suse 11.1 server, which syncs users betweem several servers.

I login the master server with a ssh client ,and I can add a user with useradd.

But when I update a user’s primary group with usermod like:
‘usermod -g testgroup testuser’,which means change the primary group of user named ‘testuser’ to ‘testgroup’.
The system given a error:
RPC: Timed out.
and nothing is changed.

But if I do the same operations though YaST , it’s works.

So what reason cause that? Please do me a favour.

Thank you very much!


From a slightly more up to date version of the usermod man page than openSUSE has dated May 2006 (dated June 2006, from RHEL5.3 in fact):


You must make any changes involving NIS on the NIS server.

So obviously YaST is doing more than just calling usermod the way you are.

So do you know How the YaST did it? How can I did the same thing as what the YaST do with command lines?

Thank you very much!

Chu Qiu

No, not really.