Cannot suspend - laptop hangs


On my Gnome the setting is that if you close the laptop lid or press power button, it suspends. However this function does not work properly from time to time. Basically, sometimes it hangs there, with power light still on, the fan still running. At first I did not realize this. I closed the lid and put it in my backpack and when I took it out after a while it became really warm (or hot actually) - clearly it was still working somehow and the fan could not cool it down.

Then I tried to press the power button before closing the lid. Sometimes it works, but sometimes the screen goes black but clearly it does not suspend and is still running.

Then I found out I could suspend using

$systemctl suspend

but today it hanged there again - the power light was on and the fan was on too. I could not do anything but force to power off - pressing anywhere on keyboard gave me no response.

Anyone has any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Not sure how to solve it but what could help is to look at the logs.

To look at the logs, use journalctl.