Cannot stream mms://

Hi everybody,

My first problem. I cannot read mms stream either with Amarok,SMPlayer, MPlayer.

Anyone else has this problem ?

I am with oS 11.2 KDE 64 bits.

Thanks in advance.


I have no experience with this protocol but I know there is a package called libmms which I presume you need, perhaps it isn’t installed on your system?


I would also recommend oldcpu’s
Multimedia Sub-Area worksheet.


Thanks for the answer. I followed every steps of oldcpu tutorial.

Maybe de package libmms… I’ll install it to see if it works.


I installed de libmms package, but that doesn’t resolve the problem.

I still can’t stream mms.

I typically do not stream mms.

Did you look at downloading the stream to your PC and look at it later with an app such as mimms mimms mms stream downloader - Summary [Savannah] which is packaged by packman: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket MiMMS

Note that gmimms GMiMMS is a front end to mimms and also packaged by packman: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket gMiMMS

You should also be able to stream mms to your hard drive as a file (to be viewed later) with mplayer.

For example:

mplayer mms:/link/ -dumpstream -dumpfile

Where mms:/link/ is the link to the stream you wish to download.

… and is file to which you wish to download the stream - note be careful to write the same extension xxx.

Did you try downloading a stream with vlc using:

vlc -vvv mms:/link/

When I use this site as a test, I can stream mms with the above methods:
Official site of the Pittsburgh Steelers - Video Stream Test

… you have to note, that some web sites deliberately put software in place to detect if a PC is a Linux PC, and if they detect that, the software is coded to refuse to stream the video.

Hi oldcpu,

I will try all these. Thanks for the advice and sorry for the late response. :slight_smile:

I listen to mms:// sites on openSUSE with KDE desktop by using “Kaffeine Player” and PackMan multimedia apps. For sites that only support MS Windows browser, SAVE the link to a text file, read the locations from that text file, then do a file - open URL (like mms:// ) in Kaffeine. Media is not embedded in browser, but in a Kaffeine Player window.