Cannot start KDE4 any more...

I have successfully installed Opensuse 11 with KDE, from the Live CD. After adding/upgrading some packages (including KDE base packages) I started experiencing frequent crash messages (the application crashing was Kdenotify), so I decided to downgrade to the ‘original’ OS11 KDE4 base packages. This worked fine, but the next time I booted up, I get the message “Cannot start kdeinit4, check your installation” or similar. And now no KDE.

I would like to reinstall the whole of the KDE packages from the CD. Can I do this, and if so how? I cannot find the “System repair tools” option (Screenshots/openSUSE 11.0 - openSUSE) on the CD, is it there? I want to avoid reinstalling the whole system if I can avoid it.

This is frustrating because I was very happy with the new Opensuse up till that point! I hope someone can help.

The system repair tools are accessed by booting off the install DVD and it’s on the very first screen, something like: Repair Installed System, option about 1/2 way down the list I think

If he had the DVD he could also use the upgrade option. And add KDE.

But as swerdna stated I would try the repair first.

Thanks for the replies, do I take it that I can’t repair from the Live CD and need the DVD?
Maybe it’s time to invest in a DVD burner then…

If it says it cannot start kdeinit, that means you either removed your kde4-libs package or the installed version is different from the kde4-base version. Log in to a different windows environment (or even console login if you’re comfortable with that), go to yast software and select packages > all packages > update if newer version available. That should put all your kde packages on the same version.

Don’t pick and choose next time you upgrade kde, especially when it comes to base libraries and you should be fine.

I didn’t realise that there were other window environments installed. I’ve logged in with IceWM, run Yast, and now KDE seems to be OK (touch wood!).

Thank you for your help.