Cannot start AppArmor with custom kernel


I’ve decided to build a custom kernel using the vanilla kernel. I wanted a SLUB kernel and didn’t want the system to store it’s scrollback buffer in RAM (in other words, those negligible tiny performance boosts, especially in console mode), along with some hardware that isn’t enabled in the official distro. I’ve been building kernels under Debian for ages now with no problems so I think I know what I’m doing.

After I built my kernel and loaded it, it complained about preloadtrace.ko. No worries, a little googling told me to install the preload source and systemtap and make mall to build the module. Good as done.

The new kernel appears to work fine, but when starting AppArmor, AppArmor would fail and complain that I didn’t have the privileges. Apart from that it works good.

What did I do wrong? I used the config for 2.6.38-4-desktop as my template.