Cannot sort multi-column lists


I installed oS 11.1 under vmware. I chose the KDE 4 desktop in the installator. The system seems to work but I experience the following weird problem:
I cannot sort multi-column list controls in some applications. I tried some system monitor (process list window, can be ran from Alt-F2 window) and akregator. Those lists should sort after clicking a column header. Now I cannot for example list RSS feeds sorted by date, they are always sorted by name :frowning:
What can be done to fix this problem? (apart from a new install with KDE 3)

Thanks in advance
Pavel Lastovicka

I haven’t tested this but I know that KDE4.1 (that comes with openSUSE11.1) has too many stability problems. You will be better of by upgrading it to the latest version 4.2.2.

You can go for a 1-Click installation:

Thanks for advice. I installed KDE 4.2.2 as you suggested but the problem remains.

That’s strange. I am not having this problem.