Cannot shutdown or restart laptop from KDE, and when I try to log into Gnome I get a white screen.

I had my netbook which is an Acer AspireOne lock up on me once earlier today and after doing a hard shutdown holding the power button and booting it back up I noticed that I could no longer reboot the machine from KDE’s graphical shutdown button. Basically I click it and it pops up with the 30 second count down and then nothing. However I can run as root,

Shutdown -r now

and it will comply and reboot. I did notice that rngd was returning an exit status 1 and after some research decided to uninstall it with no change to anything.

I decided to attempt and see if it was just a KDE issue as many problems have been, but when I attempted to log into Gnome I got a very nice white screen with one black line where the taskbar should be. Whether they are related or just coincidence I don’t know.

I’ve ran my google researching skills into the ground on this one and I’m tired and a bit grumpy because I haven’t been sleeping so it’d be awesome if I could get a heads up, because to my knowledge it’s not reporting any errors it just seems to hang without sending the shutdown signals.

Thanks in advance,

Hate to reply to my own threat but I for some reason don’t see an edit button…Anyway problem was with KDE (of course) and so I’ had all I can take from it. Since I switched to KDE it’s been one bug after another. My audio becomes intermittent, then strange graphics appear on my taskbar and finally it fails to shutdown correctly. So I killed it with fire and I doubt I’ll attempt to use it again for a long time. If Gnome were just a bit more visually appealing I’d have 0 complaints.

Thanks again,