Cannot see Home Project with webclient openSUSE Build Service

Hi all,

i am completly and utterly frustrated! I have got an account with the openSUSE Build Service to have an easy way of building packages for my self written programs. Just 10 minutes ago i was still able to add a new package to my home project and it even got build successfully! Appart from the fact that there seems to be no documentation of where i can now get my package from so i can actually try it on a different linux distribution, i can no longer get to my home project page using the webclient.

I constantly get the error:
Error Details:

Errorcode: unknown
Message: Must specify a string with one or more characters

has anyone any idea whats going on and how i can now acces my home project again?

thx in advance,


OBS creates a repository at:
Index of /repositories/home:[username]

For example mine is:
Index of /repositories/home:/unamanic

As for your error I have not seen it before.

Strangley OBS did not create a home repository for me… there is no TopDoozer2000 repository in the index… do you have any idea, why?

Or am i mixing thinks up here? Cause today i was able to go to my homeproject using the webclient and now my project builds up to the point where it says it cant find the folder usr/src/packages/SOURCES … and then the build process is halted…

I think it hasn’t created the directory because you haven had anything build successfully.

If you’re new to rpm packaging, I suggest you read some tourorials (Fedora has some good ones) and/or downloard and install a src.rpm for an applicaion that your interested in, and take a look at the spec file and source files.

Ok thx for the replies so far! I have read a good couple of tutorials on rpms. So far i have not found one that clearly and easily explained to me how to use rpm as a developer to help me distribute the software that i write. This may still be because i am relativley new to Linux. It took me about two weeks to find a distribution that suited my needs as a developer.

I have so far managed to get a working development environment with Qt and opencv with eclipse as IDE but have not managed (inside two more weeks) to get a running mechanism to pack the binaries of my software with all the information of the libraries it depends on in one single package so it can be delivered easily to the end user.

I developed software on the windows plattform for close to 10 years now and i baffled by the complexity of the way it needs to be done under linux. And allthough there is a wealth of information iout there, i have not yet found a structured and good tutorial out there, that also addresses the error messages that i might eventually (and have been) stumble upon in developing and packaging software under linux.

I was under the impression, that rpm packages would be the way to go under linux, but even with the use of the opensuse Build service, i can not get my binary packaged. And i still miss an understandable and comprehensive guide to building a rpm package, addressing possible errors and their solutions.

Maybe you can shed some more light and insight in how you build your packages and how you use the opensuse build service?

thx in advance,


The first thing is to prepare the spec file, since it’s qt have a look

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