Cannot run Google Earth

Hi, I’m getting this when trying to run Google Earth.
Google Earth has caught signal 11.

Stacktrace from glibc:
./googleearth-bin [0x804f403]
./googleearth-bin [0x804f916]
/usr/lib/ [0xf699c9c1]
/usr/lib/ [0xf6ab582f]
/usr/lib/ [0xf65950fd]

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Google Earth has crashed.
This is a bug in the program, and should never happen under normal
circumstances. A bug report and debugging data are now being written
to this text file:


I can post this if required, it’s not all that big (only a 3.6k file)
I am running an ATI graphics card (Radeon 4850) with the latest ATI driver from the ATI web site, everything else seems fine. I’m not running desktop effects either, although that does work okay I just dont bother with it.
Thanks for any assistance.
Cheers, Peter.

Give this a read, should fix your problem :slight_smile:

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