Hi, All. Have a problem that I really need help with.

I am using openSuSE 15.0 and recently ran an update - but after the update my system broke. I can boot the system into a working read only snapshot, but I cannot rollback to it.

When I try rollback “snapper rollback” it segfaults and doesn’t do the rollback so when I reboots I still have a broken system.

I have tried finding a way around this in deleting all the most current snapshots, so that the most recent entry is the working one, but even with the snapshots gone, it still boots the current system.

Is there a way around this or to somehow edit a file or something to tell the system to boot into the working snapshot (I know it’s number: 60). (Also, “snapper rollback 60” doesn’t work either - snapper always segfaults).

This is very frustrating as I do not want to have to reinstall my entire system - especially as I can boot into a working snapshot, I just can’t rollback into it.

Please help!!!

Can’t you still boot a previous kernel?

Try to boot from an install USBmedium, then take over the installed system.