Cannot remove battery widget

I have a Miniprogram “Akkuüberwachung” (battery widget) for monitoring battery and screen brigtness in the top left corner of my Desktop which by accident seems to be located there. The strange thing of this widget is that I am not able to remove or move it.

The miniprograms are not locked, all other miniprograms and the Dashboard behave normal.

Does anybody know, what I could do to remove it?
Does anybody know, where miniprograms configuration is stored, so maybe I can edit the settings file?

My configuraion: openSUSE 13.1


You’ll need to provide more information:

What distro (eg openSUSE 13.1)
What Desktop (eg KDE)

Where did you install this “widget” from? From an approved list of widgets from the Desktop, did you compile from source, something else?

If I were to guess, this isn’t likely an approved Desktop widget that would install/remove using the Desktop tools, it may be an app that embeds in the Desktop, and the default location for all apps when installed is 0:0 which is the top left corner. If you can modify the properties(config file?) of the app, you can modify the position of the app by changing the x and y values of its placement.


openSUSE 13.1-desktop, mainly default installation (but kernel 3.13), nothing compiled by myself, which means:

  • KDE4.11
  • The widget is the only battery monitor offered in this distribution, so should be nothing exotic: “Akkuüberwachung v2.0 Sebastian Kügler and Kai Uwe Broulik”
  • Today the widget is not in the desktop but in the control bar, but not as a small icon but expanded.

I cannot move and I cannot delete it. I wanted to see if I could modify the setup files, but

  • Where is the list of widgets for the control bars stored?
  • Where is the x and y location of the widget stored?


Today I tried several things which all did not lead to any success. I do not know, what the trigger was, but this battery widget was now in the Panel instead of the desktop - wheird!

I then removed the complete Panel and added a new one. Now the problem is gone.

Thanks for your help.

Do I have to set this thread somehow to “solved”?

Hello SiegmundS,

I have had a problem (13.1 with KDE) with the display of the battery widget (Akkuüberwachung) too. In the hidden icons it sometimes overlapped the other entries.
Sometimes the battery widget was in the systems part of the KDE control panel (Systemabschnitt der Kontrollleiste). I have plugged in a wireless logitech trackball. Perhaps this causes the problems.

Cause I did not need the battery widget, I disabled it:
With a right mouse click on the triangular icon (hidden icons) I can open the settings for the systems part of the KDE control panel. Then unlock widgets and disable the battery widget (Akkuüberwachung) .

Do I have to set this thread somehow to “solved”?

This would make sense in the heading although I rarely see it in this forum.

Greetings Philipp