Cannot play audio/video

i’ve just installed openSUSE11.1, and my system doesn’t play .avi .mp3 .Xvid and stuff.(The audio hardware is installed and I hear the startup and shutdown musics)
Under windows, i could install “k-lite mega codec pack” and get all such issues resolved in one go. How do i do the same in opensuse?
Please help. I’m not an expert-please keep it simple.
thanks :slight_smile:

Take a read of this post, … and apologies for the excessive pontification:
openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - setting up your multimedia

i figured that out on my own and saved myself a click. Thanks anyway. It’s just that it feels a little weired to install stuff for mp3 playback-even my cell fone supports it without havin me to installl codecs. As an end user, people won’t really care about coyrights and stuff- it’s a 100 times easier to install a pirated copy of vista and then crack it, than to install codecs for linux. And a pirated copy of vista is free as well. :slight_smile:
Anyway-thanks for your time- i’ve installed linux becaause i need it for school-i love microsoft:-)

And by the way- i needed a solution on how to fix the problem, not a lecture on what’s “'open”. I’m a student of computer science engineering, and i understand what’s open. The link u posted isn’t a solution, it’s a lecture. Well at least the first part of it. Too juvenile for a “Global Moderator”. :slight_smile:

Show me some one who can guess the levels of the people who they are trying to help, and I’ll show you a rare person who has a functioning crystal ball. Me? I lost my crystal ball in a stock market crash a long time ago.

If you want to rant, we have a forum place for that here: General Chit-Chat - openSUSE Forums

Anyway, I wont’ waste my time on you any more. You are now on my ignore list. Good bye.