Cannot open VM after recent OS fix

Sounds promising.

To be safe, can you share with me the correct commands for this?

zypper rm kernel-default-5.1.7-1.1 kernel-devel-5.1.7-1.1

After that:

zypper in -f kernel-macros kernel-default

Restart your system and install Virtualbox.

If you’re using Oracle Virtualbox (downloaded from the Oracle website), there is some small uncertainty but you should be able to use any kernel because the install should dynamically compile the needed kernel modules.

Aside from the initial build, there is a minor potential issue to be wary about, you will need to be certain that system updates should not install any Virtualbox packages from openSUSE repos… I’ve noticed this can happen but in my experience hasn’t caused a problem only because I’ve used the default “default kernel” so the Virtualbox installed from Oracle approximates the pre-compiled files from openSUSE. If you use a different kernel, you’d be relying on file and package versioning to avoid conflicts and inconsistencies which <should> work but things can happen. Maybe blacklisting the openSUSE Virtualbox packages should be considered.

Instead of logging in as root to run Virtualbox,
IIRC there is documentation that describes running Virtualbox as a service.
Whatever your reason might be to log in as root, there are solutions that should satisfy your need safely without logging in as root.


Yay! Problem solved.

I also had to find and add back the matching extension pack, but after that, everything works like a charm!