cannot mount root filesystem after changing graphics card

I have opensuse 11.3 installed, and my motherboard has the intel i845 chipset,
one day windows had enough of the intel graphics chip and would not let me have anything but 640x480 pixels, well you cant do much with that so I put an ati card in and disabled the intenal graphics. windows was happy enough but suse could not boot - more specifically could not mount the root filesystem, saying it had errors (did a very quick fsck), could not find the journal, and I had a bad superblock. the “failsafe kernel” was no better.
If I take the ati card out suse boots fine.
however I do swap frequently between windows and linux and changing graphics cards between boots is somewhat irritating.
does anyone know why this happens?

The Video card should have nothing to do with the filesystem. Maybe you have a poorly seated cable somewhere???

no it not the cable - I changed it and symptoms were identical, i am fairly sure it is to do with the initrd file, i think it has intel (irq?? or /dev) settings, and this doesn’t let the kernel access the disk properly. I had a similar problem before where the initrd had a hard link to fsck.ext4 and couldn’t boot a copy of the sytem on an ext3 formatted disk. I shall try too boot via my dvd and reinstall initrd…

the 11.3 dvd will not boot! (tried rescue) with the ati card. it crashes at udev, interestingly a suse 8.0 installation disk is quite happy. I shall ask whoever wrote udev…
this thread is not closed, as the motherboard is fast and almost silent, so I really would like a solution