Cannot login user with encrypted directory

i configured a user “me” using yast with an encrypted directory.
So i have a /home/me , a /home/me.img and a /home/me.key .
After some clumsy pam* packages updates, i cannot login any graphical session as toto from the display manager .
Then , i reverted to the previous official pam* suse packages. But i still cannot access to the “me” encrypted datas, even with a terminal (cli) session .
I don’t know how to access my datas jailed in the /home/me.img directory .
I can’t give you other infos if needed.
Thanks for helping me.

Could anyone help me to mount my lost user.img somewhere in order to retrieve my lost document, please …?
I have this user.img and this user user.key and i guess i should use some mount or some pam-mount command. How shall i proceed ?

I’d love to help you, but don’t have any experience on encrypted filesystems. Try ‘man pam-mount’ from a terminal window.