cannot login to KDE after upgrade

If I install opensuse from a dvd and then upgrade KDE to 4.6.something by
going to KDE - Experience Freedom! and following the links to the info page and clicking on the oci I can’t log in. It just flicks back to the login screen. If I then login using Gnome once then logout I can login to KDE just fine again.

Has anyone else encountered this or am I doing something wrong



To upgrade KDE, we normally recommend you go here and add in the correct repositories for your version of Linux:

KDE repositories - openSUSE

I am not sure how you did it, but if you were to add in the proper repositories from here and update from them, perhaps you can fix your problem.

Thank You,

Try logging in using the kde failsafe option from the KDM login screen.

Actually you might want to check that you are selecting the **plasma desktop **session

This is really annoying when you have a lot of users – they never remember messages sent the week before the update or ask the person at the next desk.

This happened because of the name change of the Desktop environment from “KDE” to “Plasma”. My fix is to edit /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager – using YaST, vim/ex, or what you will – to set the default Window Manager to “KDE Plasma Workspace”.

:g/DEFAULT_WM=/ s/.*/DEFAULT_WM="KDE Plasma Workspace"/

Yes, the link on the kde page takes you to the repo you suggest
and yes I am selecting Plasma

I need to log in once with anything other than plasma ( Kde failsafe works too ) then Plasma works fine again

Until I do this the login screen appears, I put in my details, the screen goes black and then the login screen re appears



Have tested a new user account and login with that?

No, I’ve tried 3 or 4 existing accounts and they are all they same
The accounts are on a Novell Suse box with LDAP

I’ll try making a brand new account tomorrow and try that



Hmm… the same happens with brand new accounts


Can you just confirm exactly what version of SUSE you have

The ‘server’ end is a Novell Suse 11 SP1 ( if this matters )
the ‘client’ end is openSuse 11.4 and I update to KDE 4.6.2 ( 4.6.3 should be out shortly - I’ll see if thats the same )
Incidentally it happens at home which are just stand alone machines so I don’t think it’s related to having the home
directories on a nfs4 server

Never experienced this
And I can’t say I truly understand your setup
You are using kde session and window manager?

I’m not doing anything odd. I just install openSuse 11.4 off the DVD
then updating it as I said in the previous post. Once KDE 4.6.3 comes
out I’ll go through the whole thing again and see what happens. It didn’t
do it when I updated to 4.6.1 …

Stay tuned …