Cannot login to desktop


I just installed Leap 42.2 XFCE yesterday and I’ve been rebooting and logging into my user account just fine. Now, I can no longer login into my account. When I type in my password, the screen flashes and then it just takes me back to the login prompt.

Can anyone help figure out how to login since my password is no longer working?


If you press ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a VT can you login as your user there? If so sounds like a graphics driver issue, running a proprietary one, does it match the running kernel…

Oh, press alt+ctrl+F7 (or F8) to get back to a GUI.

ctrl+alt+F1 takes me to the login prompt and I was able to successfully login with my username and password. Thanks for helping me confirm my login credentials are working.

I’m using an Asus Vivobook which does not have nvidia or amd graphics.

Please let me know anything further I can do to figure this out. thanks!

I am currently logged in at the command prompt through ctrl+alt+F1 successfully but logging into my graphical desktop is still not working. Thanks

Try a different User if that does not work a different desktop

Add a test user via command line as root run Yast-users

I’m not sure how to do any of these recommendations as they are too complex for my skillset.

Would you recommend me trying a fresh install of Leap 42.1 which may be more stable? I really loved my XFCE desktop setup and how everything was performing but I’m not skilled enough to fix difficult issues.


Lets check something out. When you see the Grub screen, press the “e” key to get into Grub’s edit mode. Scroll down to the front of the line that starts with linux, press the End key to make sure you get to the end of that line, press the space key, then type:


Press the F10 to continue booting with the change.

See if that gets you into a desktop, it will help with the diagnosis, taking us a step further with whichever result you get.

BTW: Also, I assume you are making certain the numlock state and the Caps lock state are correct when you are entering your password. AFAIR, there is a problem for some with the numlock state switching at the login screen in 42.2.

Thank you for all of this information to help. I rebooted and was stuck at a black screen with a list of errors so I couldn’t even get to a terminal.

I just had to move on to another distro to get up and running for work on Monday.

Thanks again, I appreciate your suggestions.