Cannot log with xming to gnome

Hello all,

I have a openSUSE 10.3 box with kde and gnome on it.
I can enter in Kde or Gnome from that machine but from remote (using Xming) I can enter only to the KDE.

After I introduce the username and password nothing happens.
Why I could not enter in the Gnome environment too?

Thank you,

What remote command are you running in each case?

I’m not running any command.
Xming is installed on a Windows Vista.

I start with the same steps: launch xlaunch then choose
one window->open session via XDMCP give the ip address of the linux box and that’s all.
The login screen appears but when choosing Gnome it doesn’t start.

Ok, I thought you might be running a remote xterm displaying back on Ximg via ssh forwarding.

Probably because your gdm isn’t offering remote sessions. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the configuration you can enable, but I use kdm, not gdm.

Maybe is a stupid question but can gnome interface start with kdm?
because I started in gnome enviroment and I wanna change some configs with gdmsetup and an error mesage was displayed saying that GDM is not running and I might be using a different display manager such as KDM, CDE or xdm.

Could be. I don’t know all the combinations, maybe someone else can tell you.