Cannot log in to normal user account after shutting down the power

Dear all,

I cannot log into the normal user account after shutting down the OPENSUSE 11.1 system by cutting off electricity. The system always returns to the login page which requires to choose account id and enter passwd even when I type in correct normal user id and passwd. The root account can be used. Anybody knows how to solve the problem with the least pain?

Thanks so much!

Login as root and enter this in a terminal

touch /forcefsck


If that doesn’t work
Consider installing a system that is actually supported. Or are you using ‘Evergreen’?

Dear caf4926,

Thank you for your kind suggestion.

I have typed the command and reboot. But the probelm still remains there.

What do you mean by “installing a system that is actually supported”?


From what the thread starter says it’s either a space problem, i.e. you are running out of space and only root can login to the GUI, or the normal user GUI environment borking / corruption, and both can be due to the hardware reset.

For the first, df -h command output could be useful, please post it.

For the second, if you have both KDE and GNOME installed, try selecting and alternating GUI environment and see if that works.

The fix for the GUI environment you used might be hard to do.

What do you mean by “installing a system that is actually supported”?


I guess that since caf4926]( is a forum Administrator, can see from your post which version of OpenSuSE you are using from the browser’s User Agent, hence he is suggesting you to upgrade to a version which has support in respect to security and stability updates / upgrades, see the lifecycle of OpenSUSE: openSUSE:FAQ - openSUSE


I mean 11.1 is out of support, no updates, security patches.

You could try this:
Clear Temp Files at Boot
then reboot

Dear caf4926,

The capacity of root disc was run up. I have deleted some files in the tmp folder under root manually. After rebooting, the normal user account can be entered. I am just wondering why this happens…

Thanks so much,

Dear ghostintheruins,

Thanks so much for your kind help. The normal user account can be accessed after deleting some files manually from the tmp folder under root to create some empty space. I just do not know why this happens.


Follow my instructions here
Clear Temp Files at Boot

And it will not happen again

> I am just wondering why this happens…

/tmp is used by many applications as a place to temporarily store
files during the applications work…normally, when the application has
completed its work it will delete any and all temporary files associated
with the just completed work…

however, if the application encounters some unexpected fault or user
action it may not complete all its work (including deleting temporary
files) and so they just stay in /tmp, forever (or until formatted away,
removed by the user, etc)…

in my experience, the most likely reason for /tmp filling up on a
relatively new Linux/openSUSE users machine is one of two things (there
are others of course, but seen here in these help fora relatively often

-killing/forcing quit/aborting of YaST, zypper, torrents, etc operation
downloading software/music/film etc…those large downloads take
time, and if a lack of patience causes an aborted operation, it may
leave huge things laying around in /tmp…

-allocating too small a partition for the root directory to begin with
and/or overfilling with programs (“since they are free lets get it all”
happens often)…

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That was one of my guesses in the first response (the “space issue”) hence I asked you to post here the output of the “#df -h” command. Maybe you did not read it throughly. :slight_smile:

As for the “why this happens”. I think DD did give you most case scenarios regarding it, that’s why it would be wise to check the space on ALL partitions from time to time, clear some old logs, etc.

And for a solution caf4926 already gave you a link for how to set the auto-delete-of-tmp though I would suggest a longer period than 1 day.

Getting back to your 11.1 install, please notice again that is “un-supported version” so you do not have patches and updates to the installed software.

If you do not want to upgrade and keep 11.1 on, try and use the “Evergreen” repo.

Read here for more info: openSUSE:Evergreen - openSUSE

Cheers and good luck.