Cannot locate virtualbox in konsole

I’ve install virtualbox and got it working.
In KDE, the normal * Alt-F2 -> virtualbox* will start virtualbox

However, when I login to openbox or fluxbox, I am unable to get virtualbox started.

Curious, re-login into KDE and virtualbox can be started as normal.
However, in konsole, when I try to locate virtualbox, I am unable to locate it.

# zypper search virtualbox

S | Name | Summary | Type
i | virtualbox-ose | VirtualBox OSE is an Emulator | package
i | virtualbox-ose-guest-kmp-desktop | Guest kernel modules for VirtualBox | package
i | virtualbox-ose-guest-tools | VirtualBox guest tools | package
i | virtualbox-ose-host-kmp-desktop | Host kernel module for VirtualBox | package
i | xorg-x11-driver-virtualbox-ose | VirtualBox X11 drivers for mouse and video | package

# locate virtualbox






Any idea how to locate and start virtualbox in fluxbox, openbox?

the executable is written VirtualBox

Seems like I’ve missed this during the listing


and that Linux see a difference between small and cap letters.
my bad >:(


Normally, openbox should display your virtualbox in its menus… unless

  • the file /usr/share/applications/virtualbox.desktop contains the line OnlyShowIn=KDE;
    I don’t know if the OSE version’s desktop file is lowercased - I use the PUEL version. If not it will be either capitalized or camelCased (VirtualBox.desktop)
  • or the shell script /usr/bin/openbox-pipemenu is missing (unlikely)
  • or the environment variable XDG_DATA_DIRS has not been set before openboxe’s start.
    In these two later cases, the Applications menu would be empty

Oh yes! It does. Remember that!