Cannot Load 3D Screensavers in openSuse 11.2

I’m a new linux user and just installed openSuse on my desktop. Ever since I’ve been having problems with screensavers. When I open screensaver preferences, I can click on and see previews of all of the 2D screensavers, but the 3D screensavers just give me a black screen as a previews (even when I ask for a fullscreen preview). Any suggestions on howto fix this situation so that I can run 3D screensavers?

You need to install the 3D driver for your video card to use OpenGL. Which one do you have?

Thanks for the quick reply. My computer has an ATI Radeon HD 3200 Integrated video card. I went to ATI’s website and downloaded the linux driver, but now that it is installed, the computer’s graphics are jumpy and it still refuses to render any 3D animations…

Any ideas?

ATI - openSUSE

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Sorry to be a bother, but I followed the instructions on the Radeon related page, uninstalled the proprietary driver and replaced it with the open source driver. The jumpiness disappeared! Yay!

But when testing the driver with glxgears, I get a segmentation fault:

drucifer@r61h83:~> glxgears
Segmentation fault

I’m a little out of my depth here…

I suggest a new thread in the correct area with a Graphics related title. I’m not an ATI user either