Cannot install with Radeon 8600/8700M video card

When I try to install openSUSE It get the following error.
[drm:radeon_init] Error* No UMS support in radeon module
Failed to find MBR indetifier!

I am trying to install on a HP Envy 15 laptop. I have a Radeon 8600/8700m video card and AMD A8 processor. I have tried the nomodeset and this is the same error i received I downloaded the Live KDE 64bit version.

Whatever is going wrong with your installation, I doubt the radeon driver is the cause for this.

The line

[drm:radeon_init] Error* No UMS support in radeon module

is caused by using the nomodeset boot parameter as this disables KMS which in turn is required by radeon.

If you want to use the radeon driver, enable KMS.

Also fled MBR says you may be trying to install to a MBR disk but your disk is not MBR ie you are trying to do a BIOS install but you have a disk formatted for UEFI.

boot the dvd in UEFI mode not legacy or BIOS or anything else.Note you may need to temporally disable secure boot.

Are you planing on dual boot? You did not say.

I get this error if I set boot with nomodeset or not. I have also tried booting with the Failsafe option and I get the same error

I removed nomodeset completely

Now i am getting the following errors

[drm:radeon_acpi_init] ERROR Cannot find a backlight controller
Failed to find MBR identifier.

I am using a Live USB drive to install due to no cd rom on computer

I have not tried to switch over to UEFI. I want to eventually run linux with a virtual win7 or 8 because I need it for school purposes. I will switch over to UEFI and go from there. Thanks

EDIT I tried your suggestion and changed to UEFI in the bios and disabled secure boot and I received the same error as comment #5

I recommend on a EFI machine you install in EFI mode you may heve to press f12 or other key (consult your hardware docs) at boot to select the mode you boot the USB. The mode used to boot will determine the mode the installer will try to use to install. If you plan to only run one OS (not counting VMs) maybe you need to wipe the disk and start over.

If you plan to keep the pre-installed Windows you need to g into Windows and resize partitions to give free space to install into.