Cannot install with new MB - Video blanks!

When booting the SuSE installer, the system boots fine to the initial menu. After selecting “Installation”, the screen shows the next set of log messages, and video then blanks!

Tested on different monitors, … tried any BIOS option that seemed to be related, even swapped the motherboard (ASUS → Gigabyte).

So, something is really wonky with the installer on new motherboards, … or possibly the CPU (i5 6core)?

Any possibilities?


Boot with adding the grub option nomodeset and see if that helps… new CPU/GPU setup?

Yes, … new system.

nomodeset appears to not work: “not an option”


And the new hardware, especially GPU, can you try a Live Tumbleweed desktop session, could be related to the kernel and drivers in Leap 15.3.

Tumblewood works, … it appears that there are some drivers too old in the Leap install kernel.

That does raise a question - this is a non-GUI server, … is it OK to run with Tumbleweed, or is there a way to ‘update’ to Leap?


Install video card and go on.