Cannot install Wine because of .gvfs issue

I’m wanting to install Wine but I always get the .gvfs permission denied error, is there a workaround for this? Because of the same issue I also can’t install a gegl update.

It’s quite annoying because it downloads and tries to install every time I make a software change.


Try this open yast software search for gfs make sure all but the devel package is selected.
Right click and select update all unconditionally


I’ve already searched for possible solutions on how to fix the .gvfs issue but none helped me out.

These include:

  • Reinstalling the gvfs packages and rebooting
  • Removing the .gvfs directory

I had the same problem, but I had “Screenlets” and “AWN menu manager”.
Screenlets use .gvfs and it cannot be removed until Screenlets were removed.
That was my case.

I was able to remove the .gvfs directory but it didn’t fix my issue, instead it just outputted an empty error instead of the permission denied error.

try to find out what is using .gvfs and kill it.

Ok, will have a look. My first guess is dropbox because I think it started happening after I installed it.

No luck… :frowning: