Cannot install vlc player... Plz help

I’ve downloaded opensuse 10.3 multimedia pack couple of days back from this forum… I followed the procedure of how to add that as a software repository

Then i go to software management and search for vlc and it shows up. when i click to install that it shows there is missing dependencies which is required for installation… But actually by default this library is installed…

What should i do now. Even though this libgnutls is present opensuse is not able to detect that… Without this vlc won’t install… Plz help…

Btw could some reupload part 11 of opensuse 10.3 multimedia pack… Seems its not working… Thx you

Make sure you have the Packman repository enabled and the VLC repository disabled.

There’s a couple other threads about libxine and codecs and the latest update, there are other’s having issues.