Cannot Install programs ( First Install of SUSE)


I am having a hard time installing programs…

When going to YAST… then clicking software mgmt I get a error msg:

something about I need to close Kpackagedit and I can hit yes… and I then it pops up again I need to close it… over and over… to where I have to hit ABORT…

Now its working… I opened Software Mgmt… But for 30 min I kept getting that error…

Also… Is there a graphical interface to Yast? like on kubuntu… where I can open the software mgmt software and click on the OFFICE group… then I get a list of programs in that group…?

I noticed using Software Mgmt I have to know the name of the program I want :X


You forgot to tell which version of openSUSE you use.
You forgot to tell which desktop (KDE, Gnome, …) you use.

The following is thus based on some assumptions.

You are suffering from Apper being active. As Apper is causing a lot of problems (in fact it is PackageKit underlying itt) we advise not to use it. Thus switch it off from the appllet it has in your system tray. Or, maybe better deinstall Apper (yes, through YaST > Software > Software management).

What do you mean wit

Is there a graphical interface to Yast?
? You say you are clicking in YaST to get Software management, tthus you are in a GUI I presume.

There are several Views under the View button. Patterns are interesting if you want to install groups of packages that belong together. Package Groups and RPM groups give you another insight in combinations. Like Languages do for getting languages for a lot of peograms in one swoop.

If you are is Software Management, then click on View in the top left corner and select either Patterns or Package Groups. Once you click on one of the items in the left panel, you will see the details in the right window.

KDE desktop

SUSE 12.1

Danke 2f4u:

Much better :slight_smile: