Cannot Install opesSUSE 11.2


I have an iMac, and i’m trying to setup a triple boot(Mac, Windows, Linux).

I used rEFIt and GParted to boot and create the partitions for the openSUSE.

But when I try to install the openSUSE 11.2, in the installing process, it came up “error messages”.

the error messages are like:

cannot download xxx files.
file have been edited by someone and is not save to install.

so what should i do?

btw, can i boot openSUSE from a usb linked external hard?

thanks in advance.


hi asnbd,

The installer should need to download anything, unless you are using the network install.

please see , choose any of the top 3, don’t touch the network button, if you need download help please see Download Help - openSUSE

it is also possible your disk can be corrupt, did you verify the burn or download? Either one would be corrupt, to be on the safe side, download the file again and burn again.

hope this helps :wink:


how come the download page say it’s for 586? it used to be x86.

so is the 586 version is correct for my imac?


im assuming your running an intel mac so yes, you are capable of running 64 bit.

586/32 bit will work fine, 64 bit will have slightly more squeezed performance (slight faster) than 32 bit, especially when multitasking.So on this page select 64 bit.

the error message is:

“wrong digest”

i redownloaded the software and burned it on a dvd.

now the installation is okay. but it still cannot boot from my imac(intel).

it starts to run for a while, then the screen becomes black.

anyone has any idea what’s going on?


Exactly, your first download, or burnt medium, was corrupt. The black screen might have to do with the graphics card. What kind is it?


i think is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT


ATI - openSUSE

Follow instructions, good luck.

PS. Can’t be of much more help, been using NVIDIA only for ages, for reasons of linux support.


thanks for the info.

i have checked the page and found the driver for my ATI driver.

but then, i do not understand what the instructions want us to do…

doesn’t the drivers should be included in opensuse’s dvd?

i had and old macbook, which is PPC, and an old desktop. i installed opensuse on both machines and both run smoothly.

should i wait for opensuse version 11.3? will it include the drivers for the imac(intel)?



while installing opensuse, do i change the default for “boot from /” and select “custom boot partition” to sda3(triple boot - mac, windows, linux)


Go with the defaults. openSUSE should take care of everything.

Good ! :slight_smile: You’re on the right way to triple boot.
Since you’re installing linux in the third partition (sda3), “boot from /” and boot from sda3 mean the same thing. You haven’t done any mistake yet. But do not install grub in mbr !!! (‘sda’ or ‘hd0’ ).

NO! (it is an iMac and we don’t want Grub in MBR )

the grub is in the boot partition.


GRUB is not typically installed in the MBR anymore. It goes in the first sector of the hard drive.

The first sector of the HD is the MBR (master boot record). However if Grub is now installed by default in the bootsector of the root partition, I would call it a good news.

It does. It does not install to the MBR anymore by default. You have to specify that.

seems like i installed opensuse v.11.2 without big mistakes.

but how come i still cannot make it boot?

it’s first reboot run awhile. saw the grub menu. selected opensuse. began to run the os. then, BLACK SCREEN…

any suggestions would be appreciated.