Cannot install openoffice templates

I am trying to install the Professional English template pack II from the openoffice site. I download the extension and then go to extension manager and click Add, navigate to the file I downloaded and install it. It appears to install and shows up in the list of extensions. I then restart openoffice and go to New>Templates & Documents. None of the installed templates are listed.

Is this a permission problem? Should I be installing the templates as root? I noticed that my other extensions have a padlock next to them and when I try update them they say I do not have permission to do so.

One thing is for sure, when those templates are ment for all users, they are installed on a central place and most certainly need root’s permissions for doing so.

OTOH when they are ment to be yours (that is your userid) only and OO allowes for such a thing, then you only need your own user’s permissions.

Well I’m the only user of my laptop so the only user of the templates. So it seems it’s not possible to just install the templates for a single user. I’ll try installing them logged in as root.

OK, I just logged in as root and opened OO and all the templates are there already installed.

So 2 things come to mind.

  1. My permission settings are preventing me from seeing the templates as a user. Which doesn’t make sense if it allowed me to install the templates.

  2. Or simply closing OO and opening it again is not really restarting OO as the quick launch feature seems to remain active. How do I close the quick launch feature? I couldn’t see anything in the processes that looked like quick launch or OO.

the quicklauncher process is called ‘oooqs’.

The templates folders should be owned by root, group should be root, folder permissions should be 755, file permissions should be 644.

To make sure the QuickStarter is not interfering with your efforts, you could uninstall it through Yast - Software management. You could also exlude it from Systemsettings - Advanced - Session Management

Now I lost part of the picture.

Did or did you not install the templates originaly as root? I thought you did not, because you ask: “Should I be installing the templates as root?”

The fact that you are the only user of your system is of no ineterest. Linux is a multi-user system and that one user you use is not different from all the others you could have installed. (There are btw more you may not be aware of because you never use them to login).

Do I understand that you loged in into the GUI as root? This is a major Nononono! See SDB:Login as root - openSUSE.
FFor running those install scripts you could e.g. start a konsole and then type

su -

give the root password and do the install.

When you log out your normal user from the GUI and login as the same, this should be enough to let OO start afresh. Does it work now or not?

What I tell you here is not out of OO knowledge. You may know it better and you informed yourself about the templates. Did you get the impression that these templates are something every individual user can install for himself, or are they for central install? BTW, I suppose that when they are for central install, the install script would have given an error when not run as root.

Edit: seems that Knurpht is better informed then I am.

Thanks. I’ll check that. I only found a template directory under my home directory which only had one template in it - one I created myself. So the templates must have installed into the template directory in the root’s home directory.

I can’t find any oooqs process running nor can I find it being started in the session management but OO still opens quickly after the initial launch.

I did the install as user from the Extension manager. Now if root privileges are required to install the templates then why did the extension manger permit me to go through the install routine? Seems like a bug. Unless the templates are intended to be installed to whoever installs them, i.e. if root installs them then they are available to everyone if a user installs them then they are only available to that user.

I cannot see how I can install the templates from the console as OO uses a GUI called extension manager for the purpose of installing templates and extensions.

I’ll try logging out and in again to see if a complete fresh start of OO will bring up the extensions. I cannot do that till later though as I have too many apps and windows open which I can’t close at the moment.

Then my conclusion is, they are for the individual user. I could imagine however that there is a need for a company to install templates centraly for all his employees/users. If that is available, that then must be a CLI event.