Cannot install Netbeans so it Runs

I am using OpenSUSE 12.1.

I have tried to install netbeans several different ways.

1/ I downloaded and entered


The installation ran to completion and formed a file called


When I enter ~/netbeans-7.2.1/bin/netbeans at the prompt, there is a delay while nothing happens and the prompt comes back.

2/ I try to install netbeans-platform using the Software Manager. I select everything that comes up when I enter netbeans in the Find box. Now

> whereis netbeans



which is a directory.

3/ I use YaST as outlined here. That gives me a netbeans icon among the Applications but clicking on it doesn’t do anything.

4/ I downloaded and tried to install netbeans using


This result was the same as with sh although the installation appeared to run without a hitch in both cases.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.


Did you do this ?

                                               It's working finally. There were two libraries missing: openjdk-src  and openjdk-devel, after installing that via yast, everything ok :)                 

I tried that also uninstalled and reinstalled netbeans-6.8 after doing so. Same problems.


please launch netbeans from your menu in KDE / GNOME/ LXDE /XFCE after installation through YaST / zypper

I clicked on the menu in the item. It just brought up one of the open windows such as FireFox or the Gnome terminal window. It did not launch netbeans.


I fixed the problem. The installation should be

kdesu su

I am wondering as to whether we need that extra “su” after kdesu ?

Sorry. It should have been sh.