Cannot install debuginfo for some packages (e.g. KDE)

I am trying to debug some KDE stuff on Leap 15.3, however I am having troubles to install the required *-debuginfo files.

What do I have to do in order to install for example systemsettings5-debuginfo?
A simple zypper --plus-content debug install systemsettings5-debuginfo does not work anymore.

The rpm is simply not existing for Leap 15.3:

And it is missing quite some more stuff, as compared to Leap 15.2 (which does have systemsettings5-debuginfo):

Any clues?

Yes – <1189606 – KDE Plasma package plasma5-workspace-debuginfo is not available..

  • The issue is being worked by SUSE employees and, will probably be corrected quite soon …

Ah, a gap after having closed the Leap gap, then?

The debuginfo packages were made available today with the patch “openSUSE-2021-1216”.

  • But, that patch also replaced all the KDE executable files – rebuilt with hooks to the “debuginfo” files.

Meaning that, any attempt to use the core dumps of previous KDE component crashes will not be successful – those core dumps were produced by KDE executable files which did not have the required hooks to the debuginfo …
[HR][/HR]To install the KDE Plasma debuginfo packages, the Repository “Update repository of openSUSE Backports (Debug)” has to be added to the list of repositories – URL <>.